Reticchio liters 0,75 and 0,25



The name is taken from the plain of the "Retignani" with the appropriate area of ​​the steep and stony "Chioccioli". Cold extracted as written on the back label, it comes from the A3 container as shown in the photo and certificate of analysis attached. Previously it has been decanted and filtered with cotton, so that it remains a limpid oil of a dark green color, with a harmonious and balanced flavor. 0.2 of acidity and 5.5 of peroxides were found, values ​​very close to those of the Cinque Monti. Among others, it presents only the best K268 with a limit of 0.22 indicating that the olives were well ripe and healthy with optimal kneading. We recall the other limits with the K232 at 2.5 and the DeltaK at 0.01 which are important for evaluating the degree of oxidation.

Download: Analisi-Reticchio-2021