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on 2 and 3 July you will find us at Valdichiana Eating



Curious to taste our oil? This weekend you can do it as part of the Valdichiana Eating and Chianciano Terme gastronomic event. You will find all our products: Signorolio, Cinque Monti, Reticchio and organic oil! You can taste it and find out why not all oil is the same!You can find us from 17.00 to ...Find out more

Boxes with handle



On sale in the Sarteano shop and if desired, upon request, the renewed packages that can contain our customized Lantern bottles for half liter and three quarter liter capacity. The ideal two-pack is a half-liter bottle with a case and a three-quarter bottle, while a three-liter bottle is a half-lite...Find out more

Bruschetta, a tribute to the love of our mothers



All of us, a little bit, grew up with Bruschetta: it was the attention of the mother. A slice of 'silly' bread toasted with garlic (for the more persistent) and a drizzle of olive oil, a simple and nutritious snack.The garlic and oil Bruschetta is a tribute to the love of our mothers, to the memorie...Find out more

Organic Signorolio with Case



For a few months on sale with a renewed case reserved only for this product. As usual, it is available in a limited number of our customized Lanterna half-liter bottles and always checked in detail by ICEA, acronym of the Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute to which we are associated.Find out more

I.G.P. Toscano



On February 15, 2022 it was approved in accordance with the regulations by Toscana Certificazione Agroalimentare S.r.l. valid for all those agricultural food products of which the main characteristic derives from the geographical area of ​​production and from the unique processes of transformation a...Find out more

Reticchio liters 0,75 and 0,25



The name is taken from the plain of the "Retignani" with the appropriate area of ​​the steep and stony "Chioccioli". Cold extracted as written on the back label, it comes from the A3 container as shown in the photo and certificate of analysis attached. Previously it has been decanted and filtered wi...Find out more

Cinque Monti



It has always been defined as a CRU produced with Italian olives selected by the Frantoio Tistarelli. It has a clear color, intense green, fruity but also slightly bitter, almondy and certainly an excellent oil to use raw. As shown in the photo and attached certificate of analysis, it comes from the...Find out more

investments for the oil mill



Also thanks to the 2020 Call for Investments of the Tuscany Region, our company innovates and renews itself.Find out more

A contribution to our site



The company received state aid in the course of 2020 pursuant to art. 52, Law n. 234/2012 subject to the obligation of publication in the National Register of State Aids which are indicated therein in the transparency section to which reference is made. out more

Signorolio 2021, October 20 is d-day



October 20 will be, like every year, a day of celebration at Frantoio Tistarelli. The engines of out oil mills are rekindled and whit the passion for a job that our family has been carrying out for 4 generations.Like every year, it will be a busy season, dedicated to harvesting the fruits of our oli...Find out more

for a better storage



The latest arrival in our oil mill are stainless steel tanks that by not allowing light to penetrate, help to preserve the bright green color of our Signorolio. Valves were then added to the tanks for nitrogen storage thanks to which we are able to maintain the organoleptic properties of our freshly...Find out more

OUR HISTORY - the new e-commerce



We love to welcome our customers in our oil mill, but also to guarantee our oil directly at home. We have always been shipping but it is in 2020 that Fausta and Fausto gave a new look to the oil mill site and launched their e-commerceFind out more