Continuous mill

Unlike the traditional crusher, the Alfa Laval continuous crusher represents the innovation and maximum efficiency that our crusher offers, allowing for greater capacity, higher standards and greater speed.

Once they arrive at the mill, the olives immediately begin their transformation cycle. as in the traditional method they are placed in a hopper and then defoliated and washed, the washing allows to remove any residues of earth and leaves, a further hopper raises the olives towards a crusher that crushes them, reducing them to a homogeneous paste, then conveyed into some knead them, breaking the emulsion between oil and water.

During this operation, 29 degrees are never exceeded, preventing the pasta from overheating, which allows us to consider it cold extraction. the liquids are then separated and centrifuged to divide the oil from the water. We ourselves use this extraction method for our Organic Signorolio and for our Signorolio.