Signorolio 2021, October 20 is d-day



October 20 will be, like every year, a day of celebration at Frantoio Tistarelli. The engines of out oil mills are rekindled and whit the passion for a job that our family has been carrying out for 4 generations.Like every year, it will be a busy season, dedicated to harvesting the fruits of our olive groves and pressing within 48 hours in our traditional press crusher for the unmistakable Signorolio of First Cold Pressing or in our continuous mill for selections of Extra Virgin Extract cold, for the Organic, the Cru Cinque Monti and the Delicato Reticchio in addition to our IGP from the Colli Senesi.

It will be a season in which the doors of our oil mill, with due attention and in compliance with the rules, will be open again for all those who want to taste the bruschetta with new oil and for those who want to live the experience with us. of the pressing.
We are waiting for you.
Fausta, Fausto and Donatella Tistarelli