Sarteano and our oil mill



Get to know the initiatives of the Tistarelli oil mill dedicate to the discovery of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Sarteano

The doors of the mill have always been open to all those who want to know its work, its EVO oils and the passion with which we produce them.

Give yourself an experience in an oil mill.

We organize visits for couples, families and small groups

· we show the completely renovated oil mill;

· we tell and show the oil production process, starting from the care of the plant up to the harvest and pressing of the olives;

· let's taste the oil and explain its characteristics;

· we organize snacks to accompany the visit.

The visit to the oil mill is appreciated by both foreign and Italian visitors, even outside the pressing period.

To make it pleasant and 'instructive' we show videos dedicated to the mill , we have positioned totems and descriptions (in Italian and English) that illustrate and explain the operation and the distinctive characteristics of the process, we provide staff with knowledge of the English language.