Organic Signorolio 2022/23 Lantern 0,5 liters

Organic Signorolio 2022/23 Lantern 0,5 liters

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SIGNOROLIO® extra virgin olive oil is obtained from selected olives of the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino cultivars and coming from high quality olive groves. With a veiled aspect from light filtration, it has a typical traditional flavour.

The low acidity and the very low peroxide content make it a top quality EVO to be used Raw on any dish.

The lantern bottle is exclusive to the Tistarelli oil mill. Unmistakable in the square shape in clear glass with a green filter to protect our EVO.

It is available in the ORGANIC SIGNOROLIO version.

We always recommend the latest Harvest (now 2022/23 campaign) but guarantee a 24-month deadline (for the current campaign 05.31.2025)

Luigi marzo 2021

È il miglior olio che abbia mai assaggiato, si accosta bene a tutto! Da provare

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