I nostri oli


The name "Signorolio" is in memory of the great-grandfather Alessandro, nicknamed "il Signore" and lived in the years between 1800 and 1900. He was a farmer, trader, expert olive grower and a great connoisseur of oil. Coming from olives of interchangeable areas always with a high quality vocation and with a veiled appearance by light filtration with a typical traditional flavor.

I.G.P. Tuscan

From a selection of the Correggiolo, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino varieties of the Municipality of Sarteano, we have obtained an oil in strict compliance with the regulations imposed by the Consortium for the protection of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil Protected Geographical Indication. Approved as per sample with the additional geographical mention Colline Senesi.


It is defined by us as "Cru" (the maximum) of our oil mills. Very low acidity and other parameters with reference to the Certificate of Analysis indicated in a special label applied on each bottle. Clear from cotton filtration, fresh, fragrant and with a remarkable structure. Remember that product that "Il Signore" jealously kept for its longevity.


Produced with olives grown at reasonable altitudes and harvested mainly in mid-November of each year, so as not to have too unripe or overripe olives in processing. The name derives from the union of the plain of the "Retignani" with the steep and stony "Chioccioli". Clear from cotton filtration with a delicate, harmonious and balanced flavor.

Organic Signorolio

In compliance with our territory we have selected and planted about 500 plants for almost 19 years, cultivated through organic farming, the olives are harvested at the end of October each year and pressed with our continuous cycle mill. Checked by ICEA Institute of Ethical and Environmental Certification.


Based on the analyzes carried out and to satisfy even the less demanding consumer, we have packaged "il Settimo" extra virgin olive oil. The name is created similar to the seventh son of the "il signore" Tistarelli Settimio, founder of our company. Family of millers. Like all the other products is of exclusively Italian origin.