About Us

TISTARELLI, family around EVO

<i>"We are Fausto and Fausta, brothers and owners of the Tistarelli oil mill, the family business with which we have dedicated ourselves to the production of extravirgin olive oil for over 50 years. The oil mill, our lands, our oils are our life, they are our family"<i>

Fausto - Director of Frantoio Tistarelli sas since its establishment, is dedicated to the management of customer orders with precision and punctuality according to the packaging standards of each of our individual products. He is entrusted with the management of the warehouse in compliance with the specifications and regulators for the protection of consumers and operators in our sector. A tireless runner and cyclist as well as a lover of all sporting events, he plans his days always combining work and sport passions.

Fausta- She is the innovative soul of the group. She is entrusted with the development projects of recent years and those in the start-up phase. Business consultant by profession and entrepreneur 'by surname and by passion', she is the point of reference for suppliers and collaborators. Lover of challenges, open to confrontation, healthy bearer of the 'Tistarelli genes' for way of being, of doing, for frankness and transparency. In his limited free time he dedicates herself to her family who, not to neglect, she has fully involved in the 'mill' adventure.

and then, with us ...

Giuliano - He and the mill are one. With dedication, he takes care of our plant from preparation to 'laying aside' to guarantee efficiency and the quality of its products. During the whole process he is dedicated in parallel to our olive groves and our oil in warehouse operations. If you don't know him he might seem gruff to you, immediately after you'll be surprised by his spirit of service and his dedication to satisfying every need. The countryside and animals are his passion, he runs to them in every free moment.

Morena - For years she was at the side of the unforgettable Donatella, our mother, and a point of reference for customers everywhere. She takes care of our store as well as our E-commerce. She is entrusted with customers who want to taste our EVOs or have questions on the products of our territory that we offer in our shop. She is young and full of will to live, in her spare time she dedicates herself to making friends and building her 'non-working' future.

Paolo, Rossana, Eleonora, Monica, Gabriella, Dorin, Luca, Orlandino and all the 'boys' who every year, in the months of October and November, become protagonists of the pressing campaign