About Us

It was our great-grandfather Alessandro, already at the beginning of the 20th century recognized as a great connoisseur of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to pass on his passion for this wonderful world to Mario, our father and to encourage him, in the 60s to give life to the our company by taking over the oil mill in the historic center of Sarteano, and starting a path that we continue to pursue today with commitment and satisfaction.

Today, an Alfa Laval Continuous Crusher for Organic Signorolio, I.G.P., works alongside the Traditional Frantoio a Macine e Presse, dedicated to third parties and to the First Cold Pressing Oil. Toscano Colline Senesi, Reticchio, Cinque Monti and third parties.

We cultivate and follow our olive groves with care and dedication and select the best raw material of the territory on the territory, we directly produce all our Extra Virgin in our mills always open for all those who want to know the production of this precious product of our Tuscany, we carefully manage its conservation to ensure the maintenance of its qualities over time.

We are waiting for you in Sarteano, in the province of Siena in one of the areas with the greatest vocation for the production of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil to visit our Frantoio, and taste the Bruschetta with Signorolio, which we love to offer our customers.

Donatella, Fausto and Fausta Tistarelli