Cinque Monti Lantern 0,5 liters

Cinque Monti Lantern 0,5 liters

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CINQUE MONTI is the CRU of Frantoio Tistarelli. It is an EVO obtained from the hand selection of the RIPENING MORAIOLO and FRANTOIO cultivars in the RIPENING phase, i.e. half-ripening when the fruit returns the maximum quality and intensity of flavours.
Of veiled aspect from cotton filtration, on the palate it is fresh, fragrant and of remarkable structure. It adapts to dishes in which the EVO must enrich and be a main actor.
The very low acidity and the parameters of its certificate shown on the label testify to its excellence.Olive harvest campaign 2022/2023 and to be consumed preferably by 31/5/2025

Lorenzo febbraio 2021

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