who we are

We have been MILLERS SINCE 1968, by tradition, by culture, by passion

"We create our future on the strength of our roots. A future that arises from our family's passion for this profession, from the desire to contribute to generating value for our territory, from the desire to continue to satisfy our customers, from the obligation to preserve and pass on"

Fausta and Fausto Tistarelli

We are an oil mill, in Sarteano, in the province of Siena (TUSCANY), at 573 meters above sea level in one of the areas where the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just work, but passion and profession. We have always been an artisan reality that produces extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality exclusively with our own FRANTOIO.

The main crops for our oils are FRANTOIO or CORREGGIOLO, MORAIOLO, LECCINO and PENDOLINO.

We are in a territory with a cold continental climate which protects our fruit from external attacks. The characteristics of our land combined with modern cultivation techniques allow us to obtain a healthy raw material rich in the elements necessary to produce excellent and unrepeatable Extra Virgin Olive Oils in other contexts.

The pressing takes place from mid-October to the end of November when all our energies are dedicated to the production of our EVOs and to making our company and its work known.

The doors of our oil mill are open all year round, for those who want to learn more about this precious resource for our area.