our mill today

Our mill... is technological, it's safe, it's Alfa Laval 4.0, it's 100% stainless steel, it's ZERO oxygen!

At the beginning of 2022 we embarked on a beautiful new event, we studied, we toured, we compared ourselves with colleagues and collaborators of a lifetime and we decided ... it had to be the year of the new mill and it was.

We designed what would become the FIFTH TISTARELLI CRUSHER PLANT, we did it down to the smallest detail alongside the best professionals in the sector (F.lli Ferri) and with them Alfa Laval, the leading company in the liquid separation sector food that our family has always relied on in the renewal and growth of our business. We did it with the support and commitment of the companies in our area to which we entrusted ourselves for the complete renovation of the premises and the overhaul of the systems.

Together with F.lli Ferri and a team of professionals, technicians and artisans in a few intense months we built and put into operation our NEW CRUSHER, a latest generation plant in its first pressing campaign, together with our expertise and passion , has been able to express an EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE oil of absolute quality as well as a level of service that has conquered old and new customers.

The doors of our oil mill are always open to those who want to learn about the manufacturing process and discover the secrets of the oil art...


- Defoliation and Washing

Removing the leaves and guaranteeing a fruit free of any impurities are the first indispensable steps to guarantee a first quality, harmonious and healthy EVO. Our oil mill is equipped with a SOFT WASHING MACHINE in which the water is moved by a continuous flow of air, thus preventing the olive from being beaten and suffering bruises with the aim of preserving its quality and purity.

- Crushing

The bhammer crusher with counter-rotating grid is completely in stainless steel and works with a cutting system that does not attack the stone with a dry cut but progressively refines it. The adjustment of the crusher allows us to produce EXTRA VIRGIN oils of the highest quality albeit with different degrees of 'spicy' and 'bitter'. In our oil mill 'you can choose'. From the pressing phase we work in the complete absence of oxygen to guarantee a fruity EVO with a high level of polyphenols

- Kneading

The GREEN 7 kneaders built by the Ferri Brothers are a distinctive element of our mill. In addition to being beautiful, they guarantee controlled and differentiated temperature kneading at different stages of processing. During loading, we never exceed 22 degrees to avoid overheating of the paste, when fully operational we work at 26-27 degrees to ensure true cold extraction. The possibility of recognizing the single batch of olives thanks to the electronic displays is a plus for all our third-party customers.

- Solid - Liquid separation

The Alfa Laval X6 decanter is a certainty in terms of efficiency, extraction capacity, two-and-a-half-phase processing and the 'sealed' vibrating screen which are essential for the quality of our EVO

- Liquid-liquid separation

The Alfa Laval 507 centrifugal separator has the task of guaranteeing an extremely clean product that does not need filtration. The decantation of a few days in the tank is sufficient to guarantee an EVO without any residue.

The entire manufacturing process is followed and monitored through our historic Frantoiano now assisted by technology. The Tistarelli oil mill is 4.0, interconnected, capable of transmitting alerts and suggesting to the operator the necessary actions to improve processing performance, to the benefit of our product and that of our customers.

Collecting and analyzing information is one of the fundamental steps for guaranteeing continuous improvement for our company


- storage

We decant all our EVO in vitrified positions with special resins for edible oil to prevent temperature changes from altering the product. The stainless steel silos with storage system in a controlled atmosphere (Nitrogen) and at a constant temperature are the tools to ensure the best storage throughout the year

- monitoring

We constantly collect samples and measure the organoleptic parameters of our oils to guarantee the quality we promise to our customers.

- filtering

We filter our Signorolio at the request of our customers. We filter our Selection EVOs (Cinque Monti, Reticchio, I.G.P. and Organic SIgnorolio). We do it exclusively with our brand new stainless steel cotton filter to prevent any external element from affecting the quality of our EVO

- packaging

We pack on customer order, in glass or in cans. Our LANTERNA bottle is made with our molds, unique, unmistakable. It is made of clear glass with a light green protective filter. We did not choose dark glass because the product tests testified that the filter of our bottle protects it from the aggression of light, because we pack at the last minute, reducing the exposure time, because our oil is beautiful to look at and we don't need to hide defects, because we don't target the product for large-scale distribution where the lights can be aggressive and exposure violent. All our oils are packaged in customized and protective cartons.