It is the year of<b> innovation with the New Alfa Laval Continuous Crusher<b> with 2 and a half phases for a truly cold EVO, produced in the absence of oxygen, controlled and exceptional


<b>Fausta arrives in the company and with her new ideas and new projects<b>. We protect and care for our Evo all year round. We do it with the <b>new Stainless Steel Storage with a controlled atmosphere (Nitrogen) system<b> to guarantee the quality of our extra virgin olive oil for a long time, the lowest level of acidity, the major polyphenols


Our young olive grove, the one that Fausta and Fausto planted in 1998 and has personally tended to date, is fully operational. It is finally <b>Signorolio Biologico<b>


Alongside the traditional oil mill comes the<b> 3-phase Alfa Laval Continuous Oil Mill<b>, it is Donatella who wants the investment, it is to Donatella that customers say thank you for having combined tradition and its quality with an efficient plant capable of providing service and possibility of differentiation.


With new land and new olive groves registered in the Consortium and cultivated in compliance with the Regulations, the<b> Evo I.G.P dei Colli Senesi from the Tistarelli oil mill <b>arrives, it is Fausto who takes the initiative and takes care of the whole project.


The search for tradition and real cold pressing gives rise to the project of the <b>Traditional Mills and Presses Mills<b>, Mario travels around Italy to recover pieces of history, four Nuovo Pignone superpresses with as many pumps enter the mill together with two brand new millstones for produce the first Signorolio di Prima Spremitura a Freddo when no one was talking about 'cold press' yet.


For years in which everyone has been looking for efficiency and economy, <b>Mario is in search of quality and difference<b> and adds a small press with millstone to the Alfa Laval continuous mill and experiments with cold pressing when nobody talks about it yet. The aromas of <b>cold-pressed Signorolio <b>pervade the mill

<b>1985 - 1990<b>

The<b> Retigniani, Chioccioli are the family's olive groves<b>. They are characterized by the steepness of the places where they are grown and by the particularly stony soil. Reticchio is born, the delicate, harmonious and balanced Evo. In the same period, from the care of the olive groves of the<b> Cinque Monti<b> farm, from Moraiolo and Frantoio coltivation, and from the hand selection of the olives that have turned color, the<v> CRU of Frantoio Tistarelli <b>was born, which is given the same name. It is a fragrant, intense EVO with a remarkable structure whose organoleptic and sensorial parameters make it unique. Deserved trademark registration.


From the memory of grandfather Alessandro, nicknamed the Lord of Oils, <b>Signorolio was born, the delicate and fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil <b> that distinguishes the Frantoio Tistarelli thanks to the registration of its<b> Trademark.<b>


The family has grown and the company must also grow. It's the year of the new house, the new headquarters, the new plant. In June, Mario and Donatella sign the contract for one of the very<b> first continuous mills in Tuscany, it is Alfa Laval,<b> it is the pinnacle of technology in the sector in the 70s. Because passion leads to the pursuit of excellence and Mario and Donatella are passionate.


Mario and Donatella are a family, <b>Fausto<b> was born and then <b>Fausta<b>, the attentions are all for them even if the imagination is left to the search for the names of the oils.

<b>until 1968<b>

'Peschiera' and the 'Cinque Monti' are two farms a few tens of meters apart. Two families live here, the Tistarellis and the Ragninis, both dedicated to agriculture and olive growing. Among them is<b> Alessandro<b>, Mario's grandfather, nicknamed the Lord of Oils who passes on experience and knowledge to Mario and accompanies him in the purchase, in 1968, of the Historic Oil Mill of Sarteano and in the birth of our company. Donatella is with Mario. It is to them that we owe the passion that up to now has accompanied our family and our work in this wonderful world that today we have the honor and pleasure of telling and the burden of passing on.