traditional mill

The traditional oil mill is the one that most distinguishes us as it allows us to produce our Signorolio while remaining as faithful as possible to tradition by pouring directly from the bags or bins into the hopper.

Conveyed to a defoliator to be cleaned of the leaves that remained during the harvest, the olives after defoliation pass into a crusher so that they are summarily split, this mixture is then passed into a circular tank where Pieralisi granite millstones, turning on themselves, reduce it to the consistency of a very fine paste. When the pasta is ready it is passed to a kneading machine.

With the help of a layering machine, the dough is placed on disks called fiscoli with which a stack is built on a trolley then placed under the Breda overpresses. The cold pressing method requires the oil and water to filter through the plastic discs at 400 atmospheres of pressure, the mixture will then be centrifuged to separate the oil from the water. At the end of the process we will obtain Il Signorolio first cold pressing.