Dispose of our packaging properly

On this page, you will find instructions on how to properly dispose of our oil packaging and containers. Follow them to respect and protect our environment

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Bottle

Signorolio, Cinque Monti, Reticchio, Settimo

In bottiglia Marasca e Lanterna Vetro Mezzo Bianco GL 70

Signorolio, IGP Toscano

In bottiglia Marasca e Willy GL71

BottigliaGL 70 -->VetroGL 71 --> Vetro
Tappoc/ALU90 --> Alluminioc/ALU90 --> Alluminio

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Can or Jug

Signorolio e Settimo in Lattina
Dama GL 70 --> Vetro
Dama o LattinaLattina FE40 --> Acciaio

TappoHDPE2 --> Plastica

Calotta LDPE4 --> Plastica

Capsula ALU41 --> Alluminio

Check the rules of your municipality