Prenotazione la molitura

OUR MILLS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR MILLING YOUR OLIVES The pressing or milling of the olives is not only the mechanical process with which the fruits of a year of work in the olive groves are transformed into our Extra Virgin, it is also and above all a moment to live together with those who have taken care of their own with care and passion plants and their crops. It is for this reason that during the entire period of pressing that the doors of our oil mill are always open to growers who want to press their olives made in respect of tradition with our mill with millstones and presses or who prefer innovation and the speed of our continuous cycle Alfa Laval. If you want to press your olives and follow the production of your oil, write to or fill out the form below to ask for information or to book your appointment. We remind you that the pressing starts every year from 25-26 October and that from 2 November to 8 December the production is open every day from 8.00 to 22.00.

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