Our extra virgin olive oils

I.G.P. Toscano 

Extra virgin olive oil produced from a selection of olive varieties including Correggiolo, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino, all grown in the Sarteano area. This oil is produced in strict compliance with the specifications set by the Tuscan Consortium for Protected Geographical Indication. Sample also tested and approved to be included in "Colline Senesi".

Cinque Monti 

Cinque Monti is what we call our "Cru", or best production. This oil is characterized by its very extremely low acidity and other certified properties specified on the label. Filtered using a cotton filter, this oil appears clear, tastes fresh and fragrant and has great body. It reminds us of the oil that "Il Signore" was able to store lovingly due to its long shelf life.


This oil is produced using olives that are cultivated at a higher altitude and harvested for the most part in mid-November. This ensures that the olives are neither too unripe nor over-ripe, The name comes from the combination of two locations, the "Retignani" plain and the steep and rocky "Chioccioli". Filtered using cotton filters, this oil appears clear and has delicate, balanced and harmonious flavor.

Organic Signorolio

Over the past 19 years we have selected and planted approximately 500 trees which are grown following organic methods. The olives are harvested at the end of October and milled using a disc crusher. The oil is certified by ICEA, a recognized Italian organic certifying institute.


The name "Signorolio" is in memory of our great grandfather Alessandro, whose nickname was "Il Signore". He lived between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century and was a farmer, merchant, expert olive (tree) grower and competent olive oil connoisseur. This oil is made from high quality olives grown at different altitudes. It is filtered lightly, leaving it slightly cloudy in appearance with a traditional Tuscan olive oil flavor. 


"Settimo" is produced for a less discerning clientele that nevertheless wants a good quality extra virgin olive oil. Like all of our oil it is made exclusively from Italian olives. The name comes from "Signore" Tistarelli's seventh son, Settimio, the first oil miller in our family. 

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